Matteo Bertoldi is an Italian bassist, teacher, multi-instrumentalist and performer.

Over the years he has perfected all the techniques on the electric bass, distinguishing himself above all for the three-finger pizzicato.

Graduated from Lizard, he follows many students every year, from beginners to other professionals who rely on him to further improve their technique.

In his career as a performer and session man he has had the opportunity to range across different genres and contexts, distinguishing himself above all in the rock / metal field for his stage presence as well as for his technical skills.

He is currently the bassist of Giacomo Voli (singer of Rhapsody of Fire, winner of All Together Now, second place at The Voice of Italy) and of SaD Metallica European Tribute, a tribute to Metallica with which he is touring throughout Europe boasting concerts with thousands of tickets sold and an enviable visual show.

In 2019 he was selected by the Lizard Academy to accompany Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big., Racer opportunity to meet one of the best talents around.

Towards the end of 2021, he begins to make himself known on Instagram, obtaining excellent feedback on his contents.

This boom led him to get noticed all over the world, starting to receive collaboration proposals from various brands and artists, as well as positive feedback from world-famous musicians.

In fact, a few months later he began collaborating with Yamaha, Ampeg and Line 6, representing these brands at the 2022 and 2023 Guitar Shows.

Over the last year he has been experimenting with new sounds with an unreleased, not yet public project together with Riccardo Fanara (drummer of Coma Cose), combining strings and skins from their own instruments with virtual instruments, to create an instrumental album which will be released soon.

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